PHParanoid is a very secure PHP/MySQL bulletin board for paranoids.

Latest version: 0.7 (may 2008)

If you want an eye-candy bulletin board, PHParanoid is NOT for you.

PHParanoid give each user a level of trust.
The more the user is trusted the more he can view (and access) forums.
There is three differents levels.

Security Features:
* Anti-spam protection: the maximum allowed number of known spam-words in a message can be set.
* Anti-brute force: hackers trying to guess a password will be banned (IP filter)
* SHA-1 is used to encrypt passwords in the database
* Protections against known web attacks: XSS, SQL injection and CSRF.
* Encryption of private messages.
* Only one root account to manage everything.

Anonimity Features:
* Registered users can post anonymously.
* Only a nickname and a password are required to register.
* No logs are kept for good users (the forum only log brute force attacks)
* No links can be created from the board (no smileys, no avatars, no [url], no [img])... invisible forum ;-)

Installation is easy: Upload the files, edit the config.php file and launch install.php

* Anti-flood
* View last messages feature

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